And my life has passed me by
And I don’t know why
I keep searching for something that I never found
While these weeds get deeper as I turn around
And time grows older and I’ve grown colder
So long has passed that I forgot to count

Last Wishes


You toss and turn
But nothing seems to help
No single pill or hypnotizing spell
The truth you seek is in the big sleep
To erase mistakes dig deep
All of my dreams seem to end the same
And what I see ain’t a pleasant thing
Is this the answer?
Is this the key?
To this life that I wish to leave

Desperate for peace
The afterlife
is the successor to sleep

Who am I
I wonder
Eternal slumber
Does death have my number today?
I’m not ready to die
I never kissed my mom goodbye
So I cry
Somebody save me please
I never meant to do this to me
I guess there’s nothing to do
but just fade away
And reflect on life’s mistakes

I wish these weren’t
my final thoughts in life
But there’s no looking back
It’s time to go to sleep