Alien Gonzalez


Where am I? Lost in tides. Surrounded by black seas. Coming to, I remember clutching my mother as I watched her swallowed up. Romanticize. Naturalize. Criminalize. Cauterize. All the borders. All the guns. All the walls. Wet foot or dry foot or dirty foot. All alien and alone scratching out a home. We are immigrants denying immigrants denying immigrants.

Blood Fire Death


Death’s star on horizon

Lightning and rain

Black winds and thunder

The skyline is in flames

Written in the red mist

The sign of the one

Who rides death’s cold wind

And walk disguised among

All you vagrant souls

Of profane disbeliefs

False prophets and deceivers

Shall swing from the trees

Soon the dawn shall arise

For all the oppressed to arm

A chariot of thunder shall be seen

And bronze horns shall sound the alarm

Fist will raise like hammers

To a cloudless black sky

Bonds and chains

Fall to the ground

Children of all slaves

Stand united and proud

All people of bondage shall triumph

And live by the sign of…

Blood Fire Death